22 Apr 17

Commanding Officer

Wing Commander Vicky Williams joined the Royal Air Force in 1999 at the age of 18.  After completing officer and navigator training she was selected for maritime patrol duties on the Nimrod MR2, where she participated in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. She became an instructor on the Nimrod Operational Conversion Unit in 2008, before moving to the Maritime Air Operations Centre at JSU Northwood.

On promotion to Sqn Ldr in 2010, she organised the 75th Anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Britain at Westminster Abbey, before taking up her permanent role at Air Command within Finance, Policy and Plans where she concentrated on the 22 Gp portfolio. She left in 2012 to undertake the role of Deputy Air Commander in support of Task Force 196 in Afghanistan; responsible for directing and supervising five different aircraft types, in support of UK Special Forces during Operation HERRICK.

Post her return from Kandahar in 2013 Williams completed the Sentry Conversion Course and took up her role as a Flight Commander on 8 Sqn at RAF Waddington. During her 3 years on 8 Sqn, Sentry supported Operation SHADER and provided a continued assurance role to NATO from the UK and from numerous NATO Forward Operating Bases. 

She was promoted to Wing Commander in 2017 and joined the ISTAR FHQ, responsible for all aspects of Sentry and Rivet Joint aircraft, along with the introduction of E-7. She took command of 8 Sqn in July 2019 and is expecting to see Sentry out of service.

Vicky lives in Lincolnshire with her husband David, who is OC ABTC at RAF Waddington, her four-year-old daughter, Evelyn and her two-year-old son, George. When she gets a spare moment, she enjoys all sports especially Hockey.